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Representative Cases

  • Established a new cause of action – recognized for the first time in New York State – for fraud in the inducement for a terminated “at will” employee. Successfully litigated dozens of these “truth in hiring” cases throughout the country.
  • Obtained two different eight figure judgments on behalf of bankruptcy trustees alleging fraudulent conveyances by debtors who had filed for bankruptcy protection.
  • Won an internal appeal reversing the forfeiture of a large restricted stock award by an employer who accused a former employee of violating a post-employment non-solicitation provision in his Managing Director agreement.
  • Obtained several multi-million dollar arbitration awards for, among other claims, breach of fiduciary duty on behalf of investors in a Madoff feeder fund.
  • Obtained hundreds of large settlements on behalf of employees who were the victims of work place discrimination, sexual harassment and discriminatory discharges.
  • Obtained summary judgment denying a bankrupt’s discharge on the ground that the underlying debt owed to my client was procured by fraud.
  • Settled a large Sarbanes Oxley whistleblower case on behalf of a former employee against a Fortune 100 company after first successfully opposing its motion to dismiss.
  • Negotiated and drafted hundreds of separation/severance agreements on behalf of terminated employees and employers.
  • Obtained several judgments declaring post-employment restrictive covenants unenforceable because they were not properly limited in scope and duration.
  • Successfully prosecuted an appeal that re-instated a multi-million claim against an excess line insurer who issued a key man salary protection insurance policy for an individual who ran a broker/dealer.
  • Obtained a “no liability” jury verdict on behalf of an investment manager accused of breaching his fiduciary duty and failing to properly disclose the risks inherent in the investments that he managed.
  • Obtained a multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of a hedge fund who counterclaimed against a former employee for improperly taking the fund’s proprietary information and, thereafter, using it at his new employer.
  • Obtained a multi-million dollar FINRA arbitration award for an investment banker who was not paid a bonus to which he was contractually entitled.