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Ensuring Successful Real Estate Closings

Buyers and sellers of real estate require personalized service from an attorney taking a personalized approach to their purchase, sale or dispute. Each case we handle has unique aspects that need attention. At the Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., we do not advocate a template approach or “do-it-yourself” strategy for our clients.

We have experience in large real estate deals in New York City, and always work diligently with our clients to determine their goals and how to achieve the best result in a purchase or sale. Hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars are at stake in a real estate transaction involving:

While negotiation or settlement may be the best option in these cases, our lawyers have deep litigation experience and are not afraid of going to trial.

Fight Real Estate Battles In Court

We know that litigation is not always the best option. However, with the amount of money and your reputation on the line in major real estate deals, we also know the only thing that matters is getting the best result. Sometimes that requires litigation.

Our real estate attorneys employ strategic legal advisory and prudent risk management skills to explore all options in resolving a case. We are not just comfortable in trial; we are confident in our ability to succeed by filing suit. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our trial skills. Peers and adversaries know that we are fully prepared to try cases at all times. Many do not test our resolve, choosing instead to settle.

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