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Settling Disputes Through Mediation

Reaching a voluntary agreement through mediation is an ideal choice for both parties involved in a legal dispute. Negotiating a case with the guidance of an objective third-party mediator allows for swift conflict resolution — without the added risk, expense or complication of formal courtroom litigation. In addition to achieving a satisfactory outcome as cost-effectively as possible, mediation comes with the added benefit of confidentiality and relationship preservation.

At The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., we can help determine when mediation is the right option. Examples of cases where mediation may be the right fit include:

The lawyers at our New York City firm can help determine if mediation is the right option for your dispute.

An Experienced Mediator

Our founding partner, Neal Brickman, offers experience in mediation services. An experienced litigator, Neal Brickman’s deep understanding of the law and diplomatic approach to problem-solving have driven his role as a private mediator. Backed by an impressive track record, Neal has helped plaintiffs and defendants come to a mutually satisfactory agreement for almost all of the cases that he has mediated.

Settling employment disputes efficiently and within a finite timeline affords a favorable outcome for all parties involved. Skilled mediation eliminates protracted arbitration processes and helps clients avoid the steep monetary and noneconomic costs associated with courtroom litigation. Armed with trusted consultative experience and extensive legal knowledge, The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., is dedicated to ensuring that your mediation reaches a successful conclusion.

Contact Us Regarding Mediation Services

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