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Precise Language Matters When Drafting And Litigating Complex Contracts

Contracts give structure and stability to professional relationships. Given their importance, disputes involving employment contracts can easily become contentious. At The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., our lawyers are experienced litigators who do not hesitate to take these disputes to court. Our reputation as experienced, assertive litigators helps us resolve contract disputes as efficiently and favorably as possible for our clients.

Our attorneys believe the best employment contracts and severance agreements are drafted to last for many years without need for revisions. However, violations regularly occur regardless of the care and foresight with which a contract was crafted. When parties are in disagreement over the terms of a contract, our team is ready to find a resolution.

Prudent risk management helps us determine the best strategies toward resolution. Negotiation can be effective in resolving matters quickly while controlling costs. However, our firm is known for taking complex disputes to trial. Our clients, peers and judges in New York know that we are compelling advocates in the courtroom.

Sustainable Contracts Balance The Needs Of Employees And Employers

We help our clients avoid unnecessary litigation by helping them develop legally sound contracts. Our attorneys possess experience in drafting and negotiating thousands of employment contracts for employers and employees. This experience allows us to anticipate potential problem areas prior to signing the document.

It is important that employment contracts represent the needs of both sides. As with restrictive covenants, violations of employment agreements can affect the reputation of employers and employees. Our litigation experience gives us important insight into potential disputes and adds an extra layer of protection for our clients.

We work with our New York City clients to find creative solutions when disputes arise and use skillful negotiation to avoid prolonged and costly legal battles.

Learn More About Our Services With An Initial Consultation

If you have questions about employment contracts, we welcome you to join us for an initial consultation at our New York office or over the phone. Contact our team today by calling 646-835-0890 or contacting us via email.