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Discrimination Is Never Acceptable – Especially In The Workplace

Discrimination for any reason is unacceptable, which is why our legal system strictly prohibits it in the workplace. Workplaces are closely regulated by both state and federal employment law in order to protect the right to make a living and build a career without interference from biased colleagues or supervisors.

Given the importance of this area of law, state and federal laws governing discrimination are constantly changing. This makes it essential that your legal team has a firm understanding of state and federal employment law — and how the latest changes affect both employees and employers. At The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., our attorneys pride themselves on staying at the forefront of discrimination laws.

At our New York City firm, we work with individual and corporate clients in cases involving all types of workplace harassment and discrimination::

  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Pregnancy
  • Sexual harassment and hostile work environment
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment

Discrimination and harassment claims can often become sensitive and personal, and our team knows how to approach them with integrity. Our lawyers give clients the dedicated and personal representation they deserve while efficiently resolving their legal dispute.

A Discrimination Charge Can Ruin An Employer’s Reputation

Discrimination cases are never one-sided. If an employee accuses an employer of discrimination, the employer has the right to defend itself. We have helped many employers dispute false allegations and protect their reputations.

It is also important that employers have a comprehensive anti-discrimination plan in place so employees and supervisors know the laws and how to avoid disputes. Our attorneys help employers develop policies and guidelines to help them minimize discrimination in the workplace and protect their interests.

For employers, public images and reputations are damaged following accusations of hostile work environments where discrimination and sexual harassment occur. Having represented both sides in employment-related disputes provides us insight into the opposition. That point of view, coupled with our well-known reputation for taking cases to trial or arbitration, helps us secure a faster and more cost-effective resolution for our clients.

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