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Fraudulent Conveyance Litigation

The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., is well aware that dedicated advocacy is paramount in high-stakes legal matters that involve accusations of fraudulent conveyance. Fraudulent conveyance is a means to avoid paying debts. These types of unethical or illegal actions undermine business goals and could end the operation of a business.

Allegations of fraudulent conveyance have serious consequences and require the representation of an attorney with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of this area of the law. Legal counsel at our firm are composed of experienced, dedicated and imaginative New York City fraudulent conveyance litigation lawyers willing to take on complex and high-stakes legal matters in true partnership with our clients.

Preparing For Bankruptcy

Preparation for bankruptcy requires abiding by federal laws and requirements established by a judge. The process should not provide an opportunity to pay out bonuses to senior-level staff while the company still possesses the financial resources. Nor should invoices billed to a specific division be paid by a different division.

Bankruptcy does not allow you to hide assets or avoid the law. Mistakes can have dire consequences, and hiring a legal team who understands the complexity of fraudulent conveyance is paramount. The goal of business bankruptcy is to remain operating while resolving debt problems.

Concerned About Fraudulent Conveyance?

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