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Negotiating Contracts For Your Business Needs

A well-drafted and effectively negotiated contract provides security for businesses to enter into long-term, profitable agreements. A company can secure a long-sought-after employee. It can close a deal with a client. Or, it can finalize a sale. Simply stated, contracts can promote business growth.

At The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., in New York City, our attorneys work with clients on a range of business contracts and disputes arising from breach of contract. We represent clients in cases involving:

Many of these contracts involve complex financial transactions and deals imperative to business operations. We always work with our clients directly to determine their needs, given their specific situation.

Experienced Breach Of Contract Representation

Our lawyers explore all equitable and legal remedies available to our clients when a contract is breached. The outcomes can differ depending on what the contract entails. Payment of financial obligations is an option; otherwise, we will work to find a solution given the contract terms.

In any case, we thoroughly review the situation to determine what course provides the best outcome. While settlement is an option, we have earned a reputation for pursuing trials in the best interests of our clients. Our opponents are well aware of that fact and often find themselves seeking negotiation as opposed to litigation.

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