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What you should know about starting a business

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

The entrepreneurial bug is hard to shake. At some point you might want to take your ideas and turn them into reality. Starting a business is an exciting life decision, but it’s no secret that it takes a lot of hard work with high risk. There are many elements that go into starting a business and you might not fully know what you are getting yourself into.

Here are three important parts of starting a business you should know about before jumping in head first.

Create a business plan

One of the most important aspects of a business is the business plan. Upon starting your new business, you need to create a plan and an outline. Your business plan should include an executive summary, which is one of the more important parts. A well written business plan can attract potential investors and partners. This part should outline the direction of your company as well as a marketing plan, the company’s background and revenue and profit expectations.

Also included in your business plan should be:

  • Background and purpose
  • Market analysis – including competition and overall market
  • Product or service offered and development
  • Financial data
  • Organization and structure
  • Ownership
  • Risk factors


Cost is another large and important part of starting a business. In most cases, it is not cheap to start a business from scratch. There are many components in a business that all cost money. Of course you have to consider how much your product or service costs to create, but there are many smaller costs that should be factored into your budget as well. Office space, business cards and web and social media presence are also relatively important parts of a business that will cost money.

You do not want to skimp on any of these parts, however, there are several tips you can use to reduce the price of these components.

Licenses and permits

While creating your business can be fun, there is always clerical work to think of. When starting a business you need several licenses and permits. These are issued at both federal, state and even local level.

Business licenses, property use permits, building permits, health department permits, sales tax licenses, employer IDs and licenses for products sold are some of the types of licenses and permits you may need for your business. It can help to consult an experienced business lawyer who can help you determine what you need to obtain.

While all this information may seem daunting, do not let it intimidate you. If you believe your business can succeed do not hesitate to start preparing and planning.