Skilled Representation Of Employees And Employers

We understand that employment disputes can both threaten an individual's career and do irreparable damage to an employer's business. At The Law Offices of Neal Brickman, P.C., we provide strategic advice and litigation services in employment disputes aimed at expeditiously and economically achieving our clients' goals, while minimizing their risks.

Located in New York City, our firm has built a national reputation for achieving cost-effective solutions to complex legal disputes. Whether we're representing employees, entrepreneurs, financial executives or the owner of a small business, we bring the same passion and dedication to every client.

Extensive Employment Law Experience

All of lawyers have years of experience diligently representing clients in employment law matters. We consistently compete with larger law firms because we achieve the same results while giving our clients personal, dedicated representation from start to finish. At our firm, you always know who you're working with.

We represent clients in a range of employment law cases, including:

  • Discrimination: We have represented employers and employees in discrimination cases.
  • Restrictive covenants: From employers drafting noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements, to employees fighting for their rights against their employer, we know how to represent both sides.
  • Whistleblower: Employees have the right to report their employer for unlawful acts. Employers have the right to defend themselves against false claims.
  • Employment contracts: Both sides have the right to represent their best interests when it comes to contractual agreements.

No matter the case, we bring the skill and knowledge to vigorously defend our clients. Where beneficial, we also work with employers and employees to craft imaginative solutions to avoid litigation or arbitration.

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